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Questions and answers

Which devices does Planny support?

Planny runs on all devices, that support iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra


What do I need to sync my data?

Sync requires Planny Pro and activating sync inside Planny's settings menu

After syncing, I have two "today" lists

This can happen if you activate sync on multiple devices and created separate lists before. Just delete the list you don't need the day after


Is there an Android / Windows app?



Can I share lists with other people?

Not yet, this will be possible in Planny 2 coming in September


When trying to activate sync, I get the error "Couldn't activate Cloud Sync. Check your internet connection and check if you're using a valid iCloud account with enough storage. Then try again."

Make sure that iCloud is enabled. Also activate iCloud Drive. If all these services are available try to login to iCloud in your settings again.