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Imagine being reborn and you could start from the beginning. What would you change? As a developer there were many things to change about Planny. Planny 5 is a completely rewritten app in every detail. It uses SwiftUI as a fundamental Framework and other great Apple technologies to create a great experience on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and of course the Mac. 


YEAR 4 - 4 steps of evolution

Pictures say more than a thousand words

Hello Simplicity

Planny 5 got an even simpler design. Tasks lost their eye-aggressive gradients and got a clean look. Colorful circles and tags ensure a much better experience when looking for list specific tasks. Tapping a task opens a completely new scrollable menu that shows all important actions like setting reminders or assigning tags. 



Amazing on iPad

Planny 5 uses every inch of the amazing iPad display to make you more productive. The all new sidebar shows key functionalities and can be hidden with a single tap to make the content shine. A new calendar view is now merged with daily lists to make planning ahead even easier than before. Drag & Drop tasks into the calendar or onto other lists or tags - it's that simple. 

Native mac experience


Coming soon





"Ist eine tolle App die mich in Zukunft im Alltag begleiten wird. Ein Blick in die Versionshistorie zeigt ganz klar eine lebende App mit einem guten Support"

- HabibAz – 26.11.2017



"So macht eine Todo-Liste Sinn und Spaß! Automatisch tägliche Aufgaben vorgeschlagen zu bekommen ist extrem praktisch und das schicke Design macht die Nutzung angenehm.

Dazu sind dann noch alle Preise für zusätzliche Features im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz extrem fair. Download-Empfehlung!"

- Kruemel952 – 13.10.2017



"Planny ticks lots of boxes when it comes to todo apps. Modern design, check. Available across Mac ecosystem, check. Fully realized Apple Watch app, check. Reasonable subscription fee, check. Responsive developer, check. The only things missing are checking off (because Planny uses swipes to dismiss instead tasks) and nested projects (which can be accomplished using categories). The developer is amazingly responsive. I found a bug, reported it, and it was squashed the next day. It’s a subscription service done right, too. Updates are frequent and often include new features. While I’m not thrilled by the movement to subscriptions, I had no problem with this one. It’s reasonable and feels like a bargain compared to other todo apps"

- cmfnyc – 15.02.2018


"I have just loaded this app and I have found it easy to follow, It is one of the best on the market, providing you with all you need without being too complex, I am looking forward to the addition of location based reminders which I believe are in the pipeline. Thanks to the developer for a great app and it also nice to see updates coming through regularly."

- Scotuser – 23.03.2018




"Wonderfully designed app. Great anesthetics and functionality. Would have loved to have a web app too, so that's it's available from computers too."

- Mumblr – 15.02.2018




"Crisp design. Minimal effort. At the end of the day I feel I have accomplished something. Best of all, those accomplishments are permanent. The only app that pays you on the back! Good job."

 - lebbedshlaw – 08.02.2018




"Someone I know has a Samsung and wants to get the app but it is not available on Samsung’s could you please put it on Samsung’s. Great job😁😁"

nappylover88 – 15.03.2019



"Hält quasi alles was der Entwickler verspricht. Perfektes Design, saubere Abläufe und gute Übersicht. Da bezahlt man gerne. Wenn jetzt noch die MacOS-App kommt bin ich zu 100% zufrieden."

- L31f – 04.03.2019



"Has everything from list to charts and graphs showing need to do and task that are done. You can also add dead lines and location reminders."

module 15 – 28.02.2019



"This might be my first or second review I’ve ever written. I’ve been using Planny for about 6 months now and I really like it. I think I’ve tried every productivity app in the App Store and Planny has a nice balance in that it’s not too simple nor too complex. I haven’t had any issues with crashes or bugs. I love that is has a widget. I upgraded to pro so I could use it on my iPad and phone. The app itself is beautifully designed. I love the color choices. I do have a couple requests: maybe make it easier to organize todos in order of priority? Also have an “in progress” function so you don’t feel like a complete failure the next day when the app guilts you for not getting anything done. 

Side note: I had a question and emailed the developer, he got back to me right away and seems like a really nice guy."

Gril0029 – 25.12.2018



"So viele tolle neue Features. Meine Lieblings App ist noch besser geworden!"

Nic0olai – 24.02.2019



 "Una app que escucha a sus usuarios y eso se nota en las mejoras constantes de las actualizaciones. Bravo👏👏"

ArexVIII – 19.02.2019



"Die Zettelwirtschaft hat ein Ende, keine Postit’s mehr im Planer oder am Kühlschrank. Ich kann alle Bereiche in einer App planen (Haushalt, Familie, Job) und die ToDo‘s werden sehr übersichtlich dargestellt durch Listenzuordnung und Color-Codierung. Auch langfristig lassen sich die ToDo‘s sehr gut planen, das kommt mir sehr entgegen. Wäre die Farbzuordnung die man in den Listen zuordnen kann noch in der „Heute“ Ansicht oder im Ausblick sichtbar wäre das für mich die perfekte App die mir auf den ersten Blick zeigt was in welchem Bereich zu tun ist. Planny ist nach wenigen Tagen zu einer unverzichtbaren App geworden."

linchen672 – 05.02.2019