Available for iOS, watchOS and iPadOS on the App Store 

Available for Mac (with Intel and Apple Silicon) on the Mac App Store


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Welcome to the Mac


Thanks to SwiftUI Flippy finally makes its way to macOS as a fully featured but perfectly fit twin of the new iPadOS app.

Flippy is a fully featured Mac App that supports trackpad swipe gestures for quick interactions as well keyboard shortcuts, intuitive context menus and the menubar to unleash Flippy's full potential on the Mac. iCloud Sync makes it possible to work on the same stacks on every device you love. 




Learn more over time


Did you know, that you forget 40% of the stuff you learned after one hour? Or, did you know, that you only remember 30% of your lecture after one day? With Flippy these times are over. Flippy is a flashcard app that uses smart algorithms and modern technology like ARKit to improve learning. This way you can master every exam or just learn for life better. 

Key features


•  Generated sessions just for you. Tap and start - no need to choose your cards. 

•  Intuitive interface during each session. Swipe left to mark as unknown, swipe right to mark as known - and tap to see the answer. 

•  ARKit based eye-tracking to avoid distraction while learning (Available on iPhone X,XR,XS and iPad Pro 11“ and iPad Pro 12.9“ (3rd Gen.)

•  Easily import existing flashcards from the web or write your own cards.

•  Create stacks of flashcards on your devices by taping, drawing, sketching or importing graphics.

•  Smart reminders, when it’s time, to repeat your cards again. 

•  Algorithm based on the Leitner study system.

•  Detailed statistics of your progress.

•  Gamification: Earn points for each known card and compare them with your friends.

•  iCloud Sync between all devices (requires Premium).


This is just the beginning. Like for Planny, the Smart To Do List, there’s a lot in the pipeline for future updates. If you’d like to see a certain feature, let me know using the integrated feedback section.