Flippy 2


Available on the App Store and Mac App Store 



Did you know, that you forget 40% of the stuff you learned after one hour? Or, did you know, that you only remember 30% of your lecture after one day? With Flippy these times are over. Flippy is a flashcard app that uses smart algorithms and modern technology like ARKit to improve learning. This way you can master every exam or just learn for life better. 

key features


•  Generated sessions just for you. Tap and start - no need to choose your cards. 

•  Intuitive interface during each session. Swipe left to mark as unknown, swipe right to mark as known - and tap to see the answer. 

•  ARKit based eye-tracking to avoid distraction while learning (Available on iPhone X,XR,XS and iPad Pro 11“ and iPad Pro 12.9“ (3rd Gen.)

•  Easily import existing flashcards from the web or write your own cards.

•  Create stacks of flashcards on your devices by taping, drawing, sketching or importing graphics.

•  Smart reminders, when it’s time, to repeat your cards again. 

•  Algorithm based on the Leitner study system.

•  Detailed statistics of your progress.

•  Gamification: Earn points for each known card and compare them with your friends.

•  iCloud Sync between all devices (requires Premium).


This is just the beginning. Like for Planny, the Smart To Do List, there’s a lot in the pipeline for future updates. If you’d like to see a certain feature, let me know using the integrated feedback section.