This documentation explains Planny. It's work in progress and will be continued every day. If you have issues or questions that don't appear within the documentation visit the Support section

About the assistant


The most important part of Planny is the daily assistant. Every morning you select the tasks you want to work on today. The tasks come from routines, projects, uncompleted task from yesterday, tasks that have to be done today and more. 

Today List


The today list is your daily created list. Every day a new list is created. This list doesn't automatically include tasks, you have to select them inside the assistant before they appear.

Add as many tasks as you need. 



List controls


  • Swipe from left
  • Tagging: Assign a task to a category and / or a list
  • Set due date: Select a time or a date when the task should be completed. Use due dates on a today list to set a deadline. On other lists you can use due dates to set the day, when a task should be completed. It will automatically be arranged inside the list and will automatically appear inside the planner assistant on the selected day
  • Location reminder: Get reminded when you arrive or leave a location. Just type in the address and get started. Note: To save battery these notifications might appear some minutes later. 


  • Swipe from right
  • Edit: Edit your task 
  • Delete / Remove: Delete or remove from list. Important: To improve your productivity and planning skills you aren't allowed to delete tasks one hour after assignment. Incompleted tasks can be completed tomorrow or will alternatively be moved to your up next list.
  • Done / Undo


Drag & Drop to reorder your tasks. Tasks on the top are more important. Drag & Drop doesn't work for tasks with due dates because they are automatically arranged inside the lists.


Up next list


The up next list contains all of your tasks that have a due date and tasks you want to work on in the future




Routines are tasks that repeat on specific days. You can add routines that will show up in your daily assistant. You can also set routines for specific days in a month. 




You can add projects for every project in your life. Every project can have a title, description and a deadline. Your projects are sorted using the deadlines. The most important ones are always on top. Every day Planny suggests tasks from your projects to work on



Use notes to add little annotations to your tasks. On iOS you can also add photos to your tasks.