Announcements · 06. June 2019
Did you know, that you forget 40% of the stuff you learned after one hour? Or, did you know, that you only remember 30% of your lecture after one day? With Flippy these times are over. Flippy is a flashcard app that uses smart algorithms and modern technology like ARKit to improve learning. This way you can master every exam or just learn for life better. The app is available for Preorder now and will be available later this month.

Announcements · 27. May 2019
The evolution continues. This is again, a huge update for all of you.

Announcements · 12. October 2018
On October 13th 2017 Planny 1.0 was released on the App Store. Since then, 74 updates were delivered to make Planny more powerful and more reliable. The most important ones:

Announcements · 29. September 2018
After iOS, the next stop is now macOS. Planny 2 for Mac got the same changes as Planny on iOS, but a lot of improvements and bugfixes as well. This is the best version of Planny for Mac yet. But: I focussed on performance and reliability instead of bringing all the features of the iOS app to the Mac. This is more important on the Mac and I promise, that over time, all features will be available.

Announcements · 09. September 2018
"Planny is your new friend helping you to be more productive."

Announcements · 09. September 2018
Starting today, this website features a new support section to improve support workflows. Before, there was just one page with frequently asked questions and one button to contact. Now the support section features small blog posts to help users without contacting the support. In addition to that, requesting support is now divided into three sections: Bugreports, general support and feedback. All these sections include special forms to fill in. This enables faster support, because information,...

Announcements · 24. May 2018
Some weeks ago I launched Planny 1.6 that has a new Data & Privacy section included ...

Announcements · 05. April 2018
Over time Planny becomes more and more powerful. This update is a huge step forward.