Announcements · 20. January 2019
Starting January 22nd Planny Pro isn't available for new users. Instead, users can buy Planny directly on the App Store without the need for an In App Purchase.
Announcements · 12. October 2018
On October 13th 2017 Planny 1.0 was released on the App Store. Since then, 74 updates were delivered to make Planny more powerful and more reliable. The most important ones:

Support · 12. September 2018
"Is Planny Pro required?" No. Planny Teamwork requires iCloud Sync, but this is already included in Planny Teamwork "I don't see any changes" Make sure that Cloud-Sync is enabled. If your subscription expired one time, Cloud-Sync is automatically disabled. "I don't see any of my invited people" Make sure that they activated "Find my via iCloud", else you can't see them. "My friends don't have a profile picture or name" They can set these up in the Productivity screen. Note, that these changes...
Support · 12. September 2018
Sync Planny uses a special iCloud sync to sync between Watch and Phone, not the standard bluetooth sync. This enables more bandwidth and the transfer of more data and also enables Planny without iPhone over LTE. iCloud Sync requires Planny Pro, so to sync your data you need to purchase on iPhone, iPad or Mac. Complications Complications don't automatically update, because this isn't possible with current technology provided by Apple. There are some time intervals available, when Planny will...

Community · 12. September 2018
Planny started with English and German language support last year. Over time, users from the community contacted me about adding Russian, Turkish, Italian and Spanish language support. It's really easy. They just get a list of English text and translate ... Maybe you can help to make Planny even more international. Currently Planny is looking for these languages: French Chinese Dutch Every language counts. This is why you can also help to translate other languages. How does it work? You get a...
Announcements · 09. September 2018
Starting today, Planny Teamwork is available as a free trial on the App Store and inside the App itself. Who can get it? Everyone that didn't subscribe before. You can just get a trial one time. How long is the trial? The trial lasts one week. After that it's automatically going to renew for one year. If you don't want to continue, you can cancel the subscription within the one week trial What does it cost? Nothing. If you enjoy Teamwork and continue using it, the subscription automatically...

09. September 2018
"Love the app.....would be even better if you could share a project with a friend" Luke - Customer
Announcements · 09. September 2018
"Planny is your new friend helping you to be more productive."

Announcements · 09. September 2018
Starting today, this website features a new support section to improve support workflows. Before, there was just one page with frequently asked questions and one button to contact. Now the support section features small blog posts to help users without contacting the support. In addition to that, requesting support is now divided into three sections: Bugreports, general support and feedback. All these sections include special forms to fill in. This enables faster support, because information,...
Support · 07. September 2018
Planny has a built in productivity system to improve your productivity. You earn points for each task you create and complete, but you also lose points for every task you shift or forget. The weekly ranking shows a ranking based on the productivity points of your friends. How do I add people? Just invite people to download Planny. Then they have to accept the "Find me via iCloud" feature and after a maximum of 24 hours you can find your friends How do I add a photo or edit my name? Just tap the...

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