Announcing Planny 2.4

Planny 2.4 - The evolution continues. This is again, a huge update for all of you. If you experience any issues please contact the support first. 


NOTE: You need to restore existing purchases after the update, as well as turn on iCloud sync in some cases. NO NEED to buy again. 


• Planny Premium

Planny Pro and Planny Teamwork merged to a single package - Planny Premium. You can now decide: Buy once or subscribe to the app and support the future development.


• Planny Pro and Teamwork are still available - no need to buy again :) 


• Confetti

If you complete your last task of the day you’re celebrated with confetti! 


• New list UI

On iPhone and iPad you get a beautiful new unified view for all your lists


• Inbox and Calendar

The Forecast view was separated into the Inbox, where you can add all your future tasks without any list assignment and the Calendar, which is basically your calendar. 


• Add to Inbox feature


• Add directly to Inbox from daily list (iPhone only)


• Search

You can now search all your tasks through all your lists.


• Deep calendar integration

Calendar integration is better than ever. 


• Select the calendars you want to show up

• See your daily events inside the today list

• Lists now feature events for the next 3 months

• Watch event details

• Calendar view now also shows your upcoming events

• Calendar picker shows the days you have events (not only tasks any more)


• Icon Badge for remaining tasks

Inside the settings you can now switch between due and overdue tasks count to show up in your app icon


• Remove a due date

Yes it’s a shame, that this wasn’t possible before!


• 9 New Colors

Awesome new colors for your lists


• Routine indicator

There’s now an indicator that a task is a routine