Happy Birthday

On October 13th 2017 Planny 1.0 was released on the App Store. Since then, 74 updates were delivered to make Planny more powerful and more reliable. The most important ones: 

  • Planny 1.1 brought Planny to the Mac and a completely new iPad interface
  • Planny 1.2 brought Planny to the Apple Watch
  • Planny 1.5 brought notes and attachments, location based reminders and sections
  • Planny 2 was a completely redesigned app with new teamwork features - the foundation for the future


What's next?


Planny 2 was redesigned to offer a clean foundation for future development. Now it's all about delivering requested features and intelligent new features, that make Planny different. The next year is going to be a great year for Planny and the users.


Planny will be the most intuitive and most intelligent to do app in 2019, by offering AI-based features that aren't available on other apps today. What is meant by that? You'll see :)