Help Planny to learn new languages

Planny started with English and German language support last year. Over time, users from the community contacted me about adding Russian, Turkish, Italian and Spanish language support. It's really easy. They just get a list of English text and translate ... 


Maybe you can help to make Planny even more international.

Currently Planny is looking for these languages: 


  • French
  • Chinese
  • Dutch

Every language counts. This is why you can also help to translate other languages.


How does it work?


You get a list file and just translate ... wow - that's easy! 


What do I get?

It depends. In general:

  • Your name in the "Team"-Screen of Planny, which more than 100.000 people see.
  • A link from your name to something you'd like (profile, etc.)
  • Free Planny Pro and Planny Teamwork (because you have to translate these features)
  • Access to early developer builds 

How can I start?

Just fill in the Question / Support form ... this way I get it early to read :)