Announcing Planny 2

"Planny is your new friend helping you to be more productive."


Over the last months I worked on a new version of Planny. Planny 2 is all new and has been rethought from the ground up. In addition to that it was also designed with teamwork in mind. This is the best version of Planny yet. Best of all: This new app is a free update for all customers. 






• Planny the assistant

Planny is your new friend helping you to be more productive. Planny learned everything important from common to do list apps but combines them with intelligence and gamification.


• All new design

Planny has got a great new design, making Planny much cleaner and simpler but still more fun to use.


Planny Teamwork*

• Share lists with your friends and work together

• Assign tasks to people

• Improved Messages app


• Lists

Combined projects and categories to just lists (with and without deadline)


• Search

Search inside your most important lists


• Full Dark Mode for iPad


• Redesigned dark mode for iPhone (and iPad)


• Rewritten Productivity points system

Now you earn points for planning and completing and lose points for delaying or forgetting tasks


• Turn off points and review

If you don’t need this feature you can turn it off


• Interactive notifications

Finally possible: Complete your tasks inside your notifications


• Weekly Competition

Challenge your friends every week to be the most productive one.


• Profile pictures

Add a picture to your anonymous profile


• Updated Watch App


• Rewards

Receive rewards for planning and completing tasks


• Full 3D Touch support

Peek & Pop to see tasks of lists or notes of tasks


• Tagging

Assign your tasks to tags to make finding them much easier


• Improved mechanism to add tasks


• Siri improvements


• TouchID / FaceID bugfixes for messages app, 3D Touch shortcuts


• Improved split view support for iPad


• Improved iCloud sync


• Updated colors


• Redesigned widget


• Drag and drop bugfixes

Development of Planny