Planny 2 Update

Planny 2 is a huge update that brings many new features and changes. In addition to that, some things changed and you might have questions. 


"Where are my categories?"

Projects and categories were merged into lists.  Many people wanted projects without a deadline, this is, what lists can be now. Lists can have a due date or not. All tasks have automatically been updated to lists. 

In addition to lists, there are also tags. Tags aren't categories, they are just a way, to better organize and find stuff. 


"I can't swipe from the left to the right"

This feature was removed because many people didn't like it. Instead, you can now tap a task to get those actions (and more). To see your notes, you can 3D Touch a task. 


"Where are my routines?"

Routines can now be found under the "More" tab.